Recovery & Protection

Your guide to completely protected and revived hair

The Hair Addict’s Hair Treatment & Protection Kit is the essential collection of products to get your hair up and flowing healthily again! Protect, strengthen, nourish, and grow your hair with this exclusive, hand-picked selection of products and tools tailored to your hair treatment journey.

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Your guide to completely protected and revived hair

Catch the Hair Treatment & Protection Kit NOW! Available as a limited time offer, this kit is the essential collection of products to get your hair up and flowing healthily again. This special combination of products is carefully hand-picked with the perfect fuse of products and tools from strengthening & stimulating, to deeply treating & nourishing, to cleansing & shielding your hair form harmful UV rays and frizz.

This kit contains:

  • The Indian Recipe 12 vials/120ml
  • The No Poo Recipe 250g
  • Pure Henna 250g
  • The Swim Proof Recipe 60ml
  • Frizz Off Towel Medium
  • The Infusion Hood
  • Gro Brush
  • Satin Pillowcase


  • The Indian Recipe is a powerful hair strengthening formula that will revitalize your hair and boost its growth. Its light-weight but nutrient-dense composition will leave your hair longer, stronger, and thicker. It also boosts blood circulation, reduces hair fall, and regulates your hair oil production. For noticeable results, use consistently for at least 3 months, 2 to 3 times per week.
  • The No Poo Recipe is the safest shampoo alternative made from 100% organic fine sifted Sidr leaves. Compounds called Saponins found in the leaves work on exfoliating the scalp and removing product build up without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Its balanced nutrients deposit a lightweight protective layer, ensuring prolonged hydration, extra volume, and lasting shine.
  • Pure Henna is a safe and natural hair colorant that has been used for thousands of years for the benefits it holds and will surely get you hooked up too! Our Pure Henna is carefully cultivated, picked, and ground into a fine-sift powder for better mixing, rinsing, and color depositing. Its main unique ingredient, Lawsone, serves various advantages such as eliminating dandruff, minimizing breakage, and stimulating hair growth.
  • The Swim Proof Recipe is a 100% natural hair oil spray that uses a mix of jojoba oil and nourishing vitamins that coats the hair with a protective barrier that isolates it from chlorine and ultraviolet rays, aiding in moisture retention. It allows you to enjoy the sun and pool while keeping your hair frizz-free and shiny.
  • Frizz Off Towel is the perfect towel turban made of the softest microfiber blend! It is designed to dry hair 2x faster than regular cotton towels without any of the friction-induced damage.
  • The Infusion Hood is a one-size-fits-all heating cap that uses indirect heat to enhance the absorption of hair growth treatments and masks through the scalp, giving better results and decreasing the time needed for the treatment. Fitted with adjustable strings around the head with a stretchy nozzle that fits all hair dryers.
  • The Gro brush, made of soft BPA-free silicone, is a small but mighty tool that stimulates your hair follicles and increases blood circulation, which boosts hair growth and relieves daily tension. It also exfoliates and detoxifies your scalp, removing dandruff and product build-up.
  • Satin Pillowcase is the gentlest fabric to sleep on! It will preserve your hair’s moisture and generate no friction, leaving you with frizz-free mornings.

Usage instructions & ingredients of each product to be found on the product label or box.


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