Bubble Trouble Reactivator 250 ml

EGP 220

Kids refresher spray for daily frizz elimination & refreshing between washes

Moringa + Panthenol + Avocado

The Bubble Trouble Reactivator is the ultimate frizz control formula that promises tamed frizz between washes, perfect moisture, and easy detangling.

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The perfect kids reactivator spray for frizz control

The Bubble Trouble Reactivator is a lightweight, daily-use spray for refreshed and frizz-free hair daily! Dedicated by our founder whose mission was to teach her twins self-love by embracing and loving their natural hair, she sought to provide parents with a reactivator spray made of safe, naturally-derived ingredients to reduce frizz, restore shine, and remoisturize hair between washes.

* Use complementary Bubble Trouble products for the best results.


  • Is a super lightweight spray made to be used in between washes to eliminate daily frizz and reduce static while keeping the hair hydrated thanks to its cationic ingredients.
  • Can help with detangling hair easily when saturated with the Bubble Trouble Reactivator
  • Moisturizes the hair deeply without building up or weighing their hair down.
  • Is enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), moringa, and avocado oil to keep your kids’ hair frizz free, moisturized, and manageable.
  • 0% silicones, sulfates, petroleum oils, parabens, colorants, and drying alcohols.
  • Naturally derived and safe ingredients.
  • A pH balanced formula.
  • A tear-free formula.
  • Suitable for all hair types, porosity, and textures, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.

How to use

  1. To tame daily frizz: spray on strands you wish to treat and smooth down gently with your hands.
  2. To detangle between washes: saturate hair with the spray and proceed to detangle with fingers or a brush.

Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Polyquaternium-7, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Panthenol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Tocopherol, Propylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Fragrance.

Weight .26 kg


The Hair Addict

34 reviews for Bubble Trouble Reactivator 250 ml

  1. Malik Ali nour

    تحفه جدا لما بعمل بيه ريفريش للشعر بيديني نتيجه حلو اووي بيقلل الهيشان ريحته حلوه حتي لو استخدمته خامس يوم من الغسيل الشعر بيكون شكله زي اول يوم غسيل النتيجه بالنسبه لي ممتازه اكتر ماكنت متوقعه
    انصح الكل يجرب ❤

  2. Marnella

    Really it’s amazing ? and have good smell ?♥️♥️♥️♥️I like it ♥️

  3. Reem

    حلو جدا برشه بعد رابع أو خامس يوم من الغسيل وبيخليه زي مايكون لسه مغسول ?

  4. Gihan

    I use it between my wash days and it helps my
    hair look healthier

  5. Maria emad

    It’s amazing really helps my hair in the mid of the week when its need wash but i don’t have time so i use the activator it’s a rescuer for me . Activate my curls and refresh them♥️♥️

  6. Salma

    I love it, I use it on 4 day curls and it hydrates my hair as if i just washed it. Smells great and gives shine.

  7. Sawsan gaballah

    برشه لبنتي بعد ٣ ايام غسيل بيخليه كأنه لسة مغسول بجد ❤️❤️

  8. Carole Emad

    A good product. but you must not overuse it find the right amount that your hair needs every time and stick to it

  9. Shaimaa Madkour

    It makes my hair smell so nice. It makes my hair feel refreshed after 2 days of washing, and helps in detangling & taming the frizz.

  10. Yara Tarek

    This spray is amazing for mid weeks and between washes. It makes the hair smell perfect and looks fresh and the most important is that it keeps curls intact. Love it for my girl and i use it too :)

  11. Mariam Farah

    مبقتش شايلة هم الrfreshment حقيقى وان اسه دا عندى حاجة ضرورى وشعرى هايش ومش قادرة اغسله واعمل ستايلينج من اول وجديد .. تحفة وبينجز علطول ..
    made my hair shinny and smells so good ?

  12. Rinq

    احلي حاجة استخدمتها فعلا للهيشان وبيسللك الشعر حلو جدا وهمي بجد وريحة حلوة جدا

  13. Emily

    Easy to use that’s why i like it

  14. Lina

    هايل جبته لاختي و النتيجة تحفة

  15. ayafahmy

    Really it’s amazing i love it

  16. hendabdallah

    Really it’s amazing i love it

  17. Soha mohamed

    Highly recommended
    Very soft, creamy ,good smell
    Non sticky

  18. Dalia Shaheer

    Great light weight conditioning spray
    It’s a must in my routine after plopping and before diffusing

  19. Mahmood Hassan

    This spray is brilliant for maintaining a shiny and health look whenever your hair is dried out or dehydrated.

    I love it.

  20. Anonymous

    Highly recommended ???

  21. Rola Mansour

    The spray is super brilliant and very highly recommended

  22. Marline

    جربت السبراى ده و بجد حلو اوى بيهدى كل الهيشان من قدام علشان نقدر نتحكم فى الشعر كانهم لسه واخدين شاور ده غير انه بيرطب الشعر حلو اوى و ينفع كل يوم الصبح للمدرسه ???

  23. Laila

    Amazing product ?

  24. Sabah Gherial

    Good product

  25. Sabah Ghebrial

    Good product

  26. Dija

    تحفه اوي خليت اختي تجبه لبنتها ?

  27. Aliaa ahmed

    Such an amazing product, it helped my girls hair in everyday’s brushing

  28. Samah Ward

    It make my son hair refreshed before going to school everyday, Highly recommended line ❤️??

  29. Nardien shadad

    كان عندى بقاله فترة و مكنتش عارفة استخدمه صح انهاردة استخدمته وانا بعمل استايلنج على نص شعرى بس علشان اشوف فيه فرق ولا كان فيه فرق ملحوظ جدا و سالونى انا عاملة ايه فى النص دا
    Thank you the hair addict ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Nardien shadad

    كان عندى بقاله فترة و مكنتش عارفة استخدمه صح انهاردة استخدمته على نص شعرى بس و انا بعمل استايلنج مع الليف علشان اشوف فيه فرق ولا لا و كان فيه فرق واضح النص اللى استخدمت فيه مكانش هايش زى النص التانى و سألونى انا حاطة ايه عليه
    Thank you the hair addict ???

  31. Merna Ahmed

    اهم حاجه في الاسبراي ده هو انه ريحته حلوه جدا جدا و بتفضل في الشعر شويه بستخدمه كأنه hair mist ساعات??
    بعمل بيه refresh كل يوم بيقلل شكل الهيشان جدا و بسرعه و مش بيسيب الشعر شكله مطفي و بيرطبة كويس

  32. Mira Haddad

    It is really nice .. very sweet smell and refreshes the curls

  33. Mariam

    i really liked it

  34. Nancy

    Helw awe bgd

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