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The No Poo Recipe 250gm

EGP 220

100% fine sifted Ziziphus Spina-Christi (Sidr) Leaves.

The No Poo recipe is the safest shampoo alternative made from 100% organic fine sifted leaves.

100% Natural Hair Growth Product

غير متوفر في المخزون

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100% Natural Shampoo Alternative Product

The No Poo Recipe is the safest natural shampoo alternative made from 100% organic fine sifted Sidr leaves.

Our proprietary technique ensures the product is purified while maintaining the highest level of beneficial active ingredients for your hair. Its balanced nutrients deposit a lightweight protective layer, ensuring pro-longed hydration, extra volume, and lasting shine.

Compounds called Saponins found in the leaves work on exfoliating the scalp and removing product build up without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Its balanced nutrients deposit a lightweight protective layer, ensuring prolonged hydration, extra volume, and lx asting shine.

Suitable for all hair types and recommended for cases of dandruff and colored hair.

How it works:

Compounds called Sapponins found in the leaves work on exfoliating the scalp and removing product build up without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

How to use:

  1. Rinse your hair before applying The No Poo Recipe
  2. For short/medium hair: Mix 2-3 tbsp. with ¾ cups of warm water in a bowl. For Long hair: mix 4-5 tbsp. with 1 cup of warm water
  3. Gradually mix until a yoghurt-like consistency is reached and let it sit for 5 minutes before use
  4. Apply the recipe from root to tip to cover your entire scalp and hair.
  5. Gently massage into your hair for 2-3 minutes (For best results, use our Gro Brush).
  6. Rinse thoroughly, condition and style (Note: Some residue is normal. Expected to fall when dry)

Is it safe for kids?

  • Yes, it’s even safer than regular shampoos as it’s 100% natural shampoo.

How often should I use it? Can I use it in my daily routine?

  • You can use it as a shampoo alternative whenever you wash your hair – Natural Shampoo. The good news is; if you wash your hair with it every day, it won’t strip your hair from its natural oils as some shampoos, even sulfate free ones, might do.

When will it expire?

  • It expires after 2 years from the production date.

Is it suitable‌‎ for all hair types?

  • Yes, suitable for all Hair Types, Straight Hair, Wavy Hair, Curly Hair.

Would it affect the color of my hair?

  • No. In fact, it actually preserves natural hair color and makes it shinier. On top, it makes natural/chemical hair dyes stay longer on your hair.


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Weight .300 kg


The Hair Addict

65 reviews for The No Poo Recipe 250gm

  1. Rania Hassan

    The best shampoo I have ever used! it changed my life.

  2. abdelrahmanahmed9550

    Best shampoo it cleaned my scalp perfectly ♥️

  3. Maryam

    It cleans deeply my hair scalp.. loved it

  4. Curlologyy

    Been using it since it launches and love how it deep cleans my hair, leaving it soft and bouncy.

  5. Sevo

    Very good product makes my hair shine and scalp clean highly recommended

  6. Maro

    Really it’s clean my scalp very well and i love it so much ♥️

  7. Yasmine

    I love this product! I apply it dry onto my scalp abs then slowly keep adding water until I get a rough mixture and I let it sit for a few minutes. Then I rinse it off. It acts as a shampoo, conditioner, and balancing toner! I don’t need anything else and I have Caucasian curly hair. I highly recommend it!

  8. Naela

    A very good product, cleaned my scalp and removes all dirt, also perfect for oily scalps

  9. Mayadakamal

    One of the best shampoos i ever used it leaves my hair shiny and moisturized i love it

  10. Anonymous

    Takes time to get it off and causes a mess somehow but its 100% organic

  11. Carol

    Its the best shampo for me for clarifying i can’t replace it with another?

  12. Anonymous

    Excellent product ?
    It cleaned my scalp deeply ❤

  13. HebaShazli

    Excellent product ?
    It cleaned my scalp deeply ❤

  14. Mariam ahmed

    Really amazing shampoo and it smell so good and it workk 100% i love it and if you want to buy it , buy it , you will own an amazing shampoo and all its components are natural so try itt

  15. Yassmine Abdo

    فرق مع شعري جدا جدا في تغذيته و ادله لامعة حلوة جداً ❤️

  16. Maryam anis

    Liked this product very much I put 3 tablespoons and add water until its consistency is like yogurt, I put it on the scalp and on the hair and leave it for five minutes, then rub my scalp until I remove part of the shampoo and then use the water to remove the hair. Comfort. I feel my scalp is clean and my hair is healthy as it is free from any chemicals and 100% natural❤️

  17. Aya elhawary

    It cleaned my scalp deeply and helped me with the dandruff also my hair stayed moisturised
    Highly recommended ? ♥️

  18. Karen ramy

    حقيقي تحفه و رائع جدا و بينضف الشعر من اي تراكمات و بيرطب جدا

  19. Katty Emad

    It cleans the scalp deeply, give the hair the needed moisture
    Highly recommend it♥️

  20. Madonna

    A natural product that Gives voluminous curls and removes any build up?

  21. Annsimone

    No poo is one if the best products that removes build ups and dandruff.
    I love using it and I feel the difference on the spot; my hair becomes soft and shinning.

  22. Hassan Al Azhary

    لا بسم الله ماشاء الله المنتج ده جميل جداً و بيتقل الشعر و بيخليه كرلي بشكل جميل❤️

  23. Monica safwat

    منتج طبيعي وممتاز ف نضافه الشعر و بيطري الشعر و كويس جدا وانصح الناس انها تجيبه ❤

  24. Berry Ramy

    حقيقي مبينشفش الشعر خالص وفي نفس الوقت بينضف جدا
    Clarifyingوحلو اوي في ال
    بيخلي الشعر فلافي وفرش كده وفيه فوليوم
    حقيقي هو احسن بكتير من الشامبوهات العادية

  25. Monica Andrawis

    I used it monthly to remove any buildups, it cleans and gives my hair more volume.

  26. Nada Farid

    Been using it for 5 months now and my hair never felt better!!!

  27. Mariam Bassily

    It’s really an amazing product
    It cleaned my scalp deeply
    Suitable for oily hair
    And the new shape is much easier than the old one
    I loved it so much ❤️❤️

  28. Madline

    Love it ❤️ Love how I can add my oil while drying my hair to have a shiny dry hair ?

  29. Madlin

    I have too much dandruff the no poo really cleaned it ❤️

  30. marina.elmallakh

    The best shampoo I have ever used ?

  31. Shaza

    truly the best scalp cleanser ever! environmentally friendly, natural, AND never strips your hair. absolutely love it!

  32. Ahood Ahmed

    It’s on of my fav cleansers as it cleans my hair without stripping away its natural oils, and my hair feels so soft and I get a lot of volume after using it!

  33. vena

    بينضف الشعر بعمق بطريقه متنشفش الشعر او تضره ، وبيساعد علي نمو الشعر ❤️❤️

  34. Safia Mohamed

    More than perfect! Got rid of all build up I have

  35. omnia

    tohhhfffaaa hwa s3b chwya w hwa bytl3 mn ch3r bs hrfyn ay build up aw hagaa bychel kolo w yndf ch3r kwis w kman healthyy fa haga faze3a bgd

  36. Myriam

    تحفه بجد بيساعدني كتير في تنضيف شعري من المنتجات المتراكمه وتأثير الجو والتراب بستخدمه من مره لمرتين في الشهر لما الاقي شعري عايز يتعمله ريفريش كدا وكمان ليه دور مهم اوي في القشره بيفرق جامد اوي

  37. Laila Tamer

    It cleans the scalp and removes all buildups, highly recommend using it

  38. veroamir1997

    Such a great deep cleanser

  39. داليا

    So i purchased it through bloom pharmacy

    و الصراحة مع اول استعمل خلى شعري مملكه و منضفا الفروة وانا دلوقت استحميت مرتين من ساعتها و شعري من العند الفروة مش كردي و لسة مكلكع

  40. داليا

    So i purchased it through bloom pharmacy

    و الصراحة مع اول استعمل خلى شعري مملكه و منضفا الفروة وانا دلوقت استحميت مرتين من ساعتها و شعري من العند الفروة مش كردي و لسة مكلكع
    الصفحة مش مخلياني ادي نجمة و انشر الريفيو فحطيت ٣ بس هو يستاهل نجمة

  41. Miray

    بينضف الشعر حلو جدا بجد و بيطريه جداااا و بيطلع من الشعر بسهولة جدا ب استخدام البلسم بجد جميل جدا و احلي حاجة انه طبيعي ?❤️❤️

  42. Roaa elsherbiny

    بينظف الشعر حلو اوي و بيشيل اي buildup موجود
    Highly recommended ♥️♥️

  43. Muhammad Moghazy

    Generally speaking, I like this product! It managed to remove all the products build up and the gunk off my scalp and gently exfoliate it, which is very refreshing! However, I personally prefer to use it as a scalp exfoliant more than a shampoo. Also, the application can get very messy so whoever is gonna use it needs to keep that in mind. To be honest I never had much of an issue with the residue it left because it’s usually gone after I condition my hair. It also helps my hair get voluminous since my scalp is freshly exfoliated. I would recommend using the No Poo Recipe no more than 2 times a month, I think that would be perfect to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate the scalp.

  44. Teka reda

    ده اكتر product perfect علشان الشعر يتقل بجد ????? انا مش بستخدم غيره

    Also by3ml hair volume kda tohfaaaaaaaaaaa

  45. Everna Samir Daniel

    So good specially for oily hair, It managed to remove all the products build up and the dandruff off my scalp, it makes my scalp clean and helped my hair to gain volume ❤️❤️
    Sometimes bastakhdemo as an exfoliant w bgad da kaman sa3ed sha3ry eno ib2a healthier w i-get longer. ??❤️

  46. Youssra esmail

    Loved how it mad my hair clean and shiny
    It also instantly removes dandruff ?

  47. Mariam Farah

    حقيقى بحس فروة شعرى بتشكرنى بعد ما بستخدمه من كتر ما هى بقت fresh ومنتعشة وبتتنفس كده ??
    بينضفها حلو جدا جدا وبيشيل ال builds up
    وبيخلى شعرى more shinny ?

  48. Nourhane

    Naturally gives my hair shine and smooth curles and also clean skull with a fresh feeling. Everyone around me could tell the difference. Simply made my hair breathe for first time for years ❤

  49. Gihan

    It got rid of kol el ashra fe 2a2al mn shahr, helw halawa matetwsefsh

  50. Anonymous

    More than amazing w bydy3 el ashr2a mn awel mara highly recommend

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