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Frizz Off Lift & Hold Duo

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Your guide to voluminous curls that last all day!

Frizz Off Papaya Gel 250ml + Fluff on Pick


  • MAXIMUM VOLUME: offers optimum lift and volume at the roots, giving your hair the boost it needs to stand tall and proud.
  • LONG-LASTING HOLD: keeps your style in place all day long, eliminating the need for touch-ups and allowing you to focus on what really matters – slaying the day.
  • FRIZZ ELIMINATION: premium formula enriched with tropical Papaya extract fights against humidity-induced frizz, leaving your hair smooth, sleek, and under control.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: free from silicones, sulfates, petroleum oils, parabens, colorants, phthalates, and drying alcohols. 
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The perfect hair care duo for voluminous curls that last all day

Get ready to lift, hold, and slay your hairstyle with the Frizz Off Lift & Hold Duo! Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair that can’t hold a style, and hello to voluminous, bouncy locks that last all day. This duo includes our Frizz Off Papaya Gel, the ultimate hold and control healthy gel that flawlessly sets your hairstyles in place, while our Fluff On Pick helps you create lift and volume!

Suitable for all hair types and ages. Suitable for use on chemically dyed hair.

This Duo Includes:

  • Frizz Off Papaya Gel 250ml
  • Fluff On Pick

How it Works:

  • Frizz Off Papaya Gel: The ultimate control and hold gel that sets your curls or hairstyles in place without creating a flaky cast or drying out your hair. The natural formula contains tropical Papaya extract, which provides moisture, eliminates frizz, and reduces static to leave your hair sleek, defined, and easy to manage.
  • Fluff On Pick: is the ultimate on-the-go tool for quick volume and glamorous curls. It fits right in your bag for a quick root lift anytime, anywhere.

How to Use:

  1. Apply a small amount of Frizz Off Papaya Gel to your hair, working it through your curls from roots to tips.
  2. Use the Fluff On Pick to gently separate and define your curls, adding volume and bounce.
  3. Allow your hair to air dry or use the curl fuser.


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