The Fluff On Pick

EGP 160

Lift and volumize your flat roots

Hair Volumizing Comb

The Fluff On Pick is the ultimate on-the-go tool for quick volume and glamorous curls.

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Volumizing hair pick

It fits right in your bag for a quick root lift anytime, anywhere. Thanks to its wide teeth, The Fluff On Pick doesn’t snag or pull your hair ensuring the perfect volume without the hassle.

How it works:

  1. Compact and lightweight, fits perfectly in your bag.
  2. Wide teeth that won’t snag or pull your hair.
  3. Refreshes flat curls on the go in a blink.

 How to use:

  1. After fully drying styled hair, flip your hair to the front and place the pick at your root parallel to your scalp and lift away from your head.
  2. Repeat until all flat roots have been lifted and your desired volume is achieved.
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The Hair Addict

2 reviews for The Fluff On Pick

  1. Everna Samir Daniel

    Seriously this is amazing!
    Sha3ry msh bi3mel volume bsohola khales bas it helps my hair awy eno ib2a shaklo voluminous w bt7afez 3ala el definition bta3o msh btkhalih ib2a frizzy aw t2ata3o khales ???

  2. Karin

    Very nice for the hair volume ???? without any frizzy hair in the crown area ?❤️❤️❤️❤️ Easy to pick it in your bag??

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