Bubble Trouble Conditioner 250 ml

EGP 170

Kids conditioner for easily detangled, frizz-free hair.

Moringa + Avocado + Panthenol

The Bubble Trouble Conditioner is the ultimate frizz control formula that promises perfect moisture and provides great slip for easy detangling.

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The perfect kids conditioner for frizz-control

The Bubble Trouble Conditioner is dedicated by our founder to her beautiful twins with a mission of teaching them self-love by embracing and loving their natural hair. She sought to provide parents with naturally derived and safe ingredients that promise perfect moisture and provide great slip for easy detangling, thus achieving naturally beautiful and frizz-free hair.

*Use complementary Bubble Trouble products for best results.


  • Provides ultimate frizz control and extra hair hydration thanks to its cationic ingredients.
  • Ensures great slip for easy detangling.
  • Moisturizes the hair deeply without weighing it down.
  • Suitable for all hair types, porosity, and textures, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.
  • A tear-free formula.
  • Designed to be rich in consistency to avoid spillage for an incident-free wash day.
  • Contains exotic Moringa and Panthenol.
  • A pH balanced formula.
  • Naturally derived and safe ingredients.
  • 0% silicones, sulfates, petroleum oils, parabens, colorants, and drying alcohols.
  • Enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), moringa, and avocado oil to keep your kids’ hair moisturized, nourished, and manageable.

How to use:

  1. Simply massage the conditioner into wet hair and gently detangle.
  2. Wait 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
Weight .300 kg


The Hair Addict

69 reviews for Bubble Trouble Conditioner 250 ml

  1. menna

    الconditioner بقا دا حكاية لوحدوا بجد كفاية انه فيه avocado و بانثينول بيخلي الكيرلز دافيند كدا و مش بيخلي الشعر هايش خالص حتي لو محتطش leave in
    و بعد شهر استخدام هعدل البوست يالنتيجة كاملة بس
    بجد هتحسوا يفرق من اول استخدام كفايه رحته القمر
    لازم تشوفوا الشامبو كمان من غير sulfate و مش بينشف الشعر خالص

  2. Marina Youssef

    Just tried the #bubbletrouble conditioner for my little Jolie, it’s really convenient for kids with it’s nice refreshing odour & moisturising effect. We really liked it, worth trying ???. I found Jolie more confident & proud of her natural hair ❤️❤️

  3. Mary

    It is light and it’s smell is so good,
    And it make easy to styling after shower

  4. Mirna osama

    تحفة جدا!
    بيرطب الشعر جدا وبيسهل التسريح وبيفك التشابك بسهولة، ده غير ان ريحته جميلة اوي و قوامه متوسط وكمان استخدمت ك ماسك ورطب الشعر جدا

  5. Alaa zaki

    It makes the hair shiny and soft I loved it?

  6. Mai

    حلو اوي وبيطري الشعر جدا وريحته جميلة اوي

  7. Assmaa

    Gamil awy❤❤❤❤

  8. mai

    ana ba recommend al set kolha le ay had helwa awiii we bt3ml moisturizing lel sha3r helw awi ♥️

  9. Reem

    تحفه ?
    بيطري الشعر جدا وريحته جميله

  10. تمارا وليد


  11. Gihan

    It’s good to my hair I use it every time I wash my hair and it makes it fluffy and soft

  12. Anonymous

    حقيقي من اكتر الحاجات الي نفعت بنتي جدا انا مش راضيه استخدمه لنفسي عشان مخلصوش لبنتي ? بطلبه من بره مصر مخصوص شكرا هير اديكت

  13. Anonymous

    The whole set is amazing & highly recommended ❤️

  14. Sara

    Very good product

  15. Sara

    Very good product

  16. Sara


  17. Heba S

    I tried the conditioner for my two kids . One with very dry curly hair and the other with soft & straight hair ( weird i know haha ) to my surprise it worked for both hair , very light and smells amazing . Very easy to brush the hair in the shower as well .

  18. Tia Karam

    بيرطب الشعر اوي و بسلك الشعر بمنتهي السهولة بجد منبهرة بية♥️

  19. Rania Reda

    Im using the conditioner for my kids its really nice it controls detangles and make their hair shiny and it defines curls

  20. Rania Reda

    Tried the bubble trouble conditioner for my kids its really nice its so light and it moisturizes the hair and controls detangles , define the curls i love it ❤️❤️

  21. Martina Karam

    تحفة و بيطري الشعر اوي و بيساعد علي التسليك♥️

  22. Carole Emad

    I love to use it after the shampoo to detangle my hair. It works excellent. and for sure smells perfect!

  23. Nehal Emad

    I’ve tried so many conditioners for my little rose and this by far has been the greatest. It’s so soft and smells good and her hair feels soft and shiny and moisturized. It’s highly recommended.
    Love it ??

  24. [email protected]

    This product is magic!
    It moisturizes my hair & makes it so soft after shower.
    It has a very nice smell as well.

  25. Mai

    بيرطب الشعر جدا

  26. Engy Kamal

    It softens my hair really well.

  27. Christine Habib

    I use it for my daughter, light & easily spread, helps in de tangling the hair.. i lived it and i have been using it since they launched the line

  28. Madonna sameh

    طرية جدا و ريحته جميلة و بسلك بيه شعرى بسهولة… ده غير مكوناته كلها طبيعية و بتفيد الشعر

  29. Rania hamdy

    البلسم حلو اوى اوى بيطرى الشعر جدا و ريحته حلوه اوى .. هكرره اكيد ❤️

  30. Nancy mohamed

    Made my hair soft bgd tohfa

  31. alya.madkour

    Amazing for kids and adults, lovely smell and good moisture to hair also the design is superb.

  32. Mariam Farah

    the whole kit is perfect and amazing for adults too ? lovely smell and made my hair so soft , I’m satisfied with the result ?

  33. Marina nabil

    7elw awiii we bytary el sh3ar we r7eto gamilaa ❤

  34. Anonymous

    حلو جدااا حقيقى وبيطرى الشعر اوى وسهل ف التسريح والتشابك وريحته تحفه ❤❤❤

  35. Asmaa

    حلو جدااا بيطري الشعر اوى وبيديله لامعه وكمان ف ويسهل التسليك والتشابك وريحته تحفه اوووى❤❤

  36. Emily

    Conditioner is so good it’s perfect for both kids and adults

  37. Lina


  38. ayafahmy

    bans7 beh kol el oumhat 3lshan sha3r awldhoum

  39. hendabdallah

    best conditioner ever

  40. Soha mohamed

    جميل اوي بيرطب الشعر جدا
    وبيسهل تسريحة

  41. Anonymous

    It is a perfect product??

  42. Anonymous

    أجمل بلسم بيساعد فى التسليك

  43. Rehab Magdy

    بجد من احلى المنتجات اللى استخدمتها لشعر بنتى انا بنتى عندها ٣ سنين وكنت بتابع
    The hair addict
    من زمان جدااا وكنت متحمسه اوووى أنى اجيب كل
    المنتجات بتاعتهم وفعلا اختيارى كان صح جدااااا
    البلسم بيرطب الشعر جدا وبيسهل التسريح وبيفك التشابك بسهولة، ده غير ان ريحته حلوووووه اوووى

  44. Hayah abdelRahman

    البلسم ده بقي حكايته حكايه معايا والله العظيم انا كنت بسلك بنتي شعرها صوتها البيت كله بيسمعه من العياط مكنتش متخيله انه هيجي يوم و يبقي الموضوع بالبساطه دي بجد تحفه

  45. Manar ali

    Perfect product ❤️

  46. Remas

    I used alot of conditioner brands!! But unfortunately none of them were good for my hair type and I went through hair loss multiple times. The best conditioner i used everrr!! Is the bubble trouble conditioner.

  47. Anonymous

    Loveee it !

  48. Rola Mansour

    Perfect product for my hair

  49. Maro

    ?? luv it

  50. Maro

    Luv it ?

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