Teach them SELF-LOVE!

Teach them SELF-LOVE!

This is why #My_daughter_will_never_know_relaxers,
I am Asil, Lyan’s mother. Like all other moms, my baby girl is the most beautiful princess my eyes have ever seen. Unfortunately, other people seem to have another perspective. Her hair used to be very dry and I’d have to tie it up in order to avoid offensive comments from other people.
Whenever I’d leave her with elderly people, I would come back to see that they had applied oil to her hair in an attempt to tame it. The peak was when she started going to the nursery and started asking why her hair is not like her friends’. I had to show her pictures of Shakira and Myriam Fares as an example of flaunting natural hair.

But I was very frustrated and I knew that I had to find a solution so I started doing research on styling textured hair. I found a routine that worked perfectly for her hair and allowed her to be confident in it herself.

“I want it BIIIGG!!!” started to become a sentence she would repeat a lot. I was so proud of her and happy that I did not give in to the negative comments and overwhelming criticism I would receive. I was successful in making her embrace her hair and and successful in making her love herself the way she is.”


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