The Swim-Proof Recipe

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For chlorine protected shiny frizz-free hair

Jojoba Oil + Orange Extract + Distilled Water

The Swim-Proof recipe is a 100% natural hair spray that uses a mix of jojoba oil and nutritious vitamins that Minimize harmful effects of chlorine tracts on your hair, locking in the moisture, reducing breakage and keeping your hair frizz-free and shiny.

100% Natural Hair Protection Spray Product

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100% Natural Hair Protection Spray 

The Swim-Proof recipe is a natural hair spray developed to protect your hair from chlorine and harmful UV rays. It allows you to enjoy the sun and pool while keeping your hair frizz-free and shiny.

Chlorine water causes hair to be dry, porous and brittle because of protein breakdown. Once porous, the hair is prone to absorb more copper and other chemicals that cause discoloration, damage induced frizz and lack of luster.

How to Use: 

  1. Before swimming in chlorinated water, shake the bottle very well and spray your hair with it, tie it if possible and cover it with a shower cap.
  2. After swimming, rinse your hair with shower water and then spray your hair with The Swim Proof Recipe one more time to get rid of any traces of chlorine
  3. Leave it for a minute and then shower normally.

How it works:

  • Jojoba oil creates a thin barrier on the hair in order to decrease the chances of chemicals’ absorption by the hair.
  • Distilled water saturates the hair strands in order to make it less likely to absorb chemicals.
  • Vitamin C, from the orange extract, neutralizes the chlorine hence minimizing its damage.
  • Vitamin E, from grapeseed oil, re-enforces the anti-oxidative effects of vitamin C while also neutralizing the free-radicals from harmful sun rays.
  • Vanilla extract gives The Swim Proof recipe its unique exquisite fragrance.

Storing Instructions: 

  • Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
  • Expires in 24 months from the production date.


Distilled water, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Tocopherol, Ascorbic acid, and Vanilla planifolia extract.

Country of Origin: Egypt
Manufacturer:  The Hair Addict
Weight غير محدد
Size 60ml , 125 ml , 200 ml


The Hair Addict

48 reviews for The Swim-Proof Recipe

  1. Marwan Elrayes

    It saves the day while swimming and enjoying the sun keeps your hair shinny and frizz free, and no hair loss from chlorine as it forms protective layer which really helps!

  2. Yassmine Abdo

    ال recipe المرة دي احلي من اللي قبل كدة ريحتها حلوة و بتطري الشعر جامد خاصة لو بتتمرني كل يوم

  3. Mimiieee Mamdouh

    Swim Proof Recipe
    Ana Sha3rryy Kan Beiethaann Harfeiaann Men El Shamss Wel كلور
    Bas Swim Proof Haleett Kol Hagaa Ahlaa Recipe Fel Doniaa Betehmmmyyyyy Awyyy W Sha3rkkkk Msh Beiehsloo Ai Hagga W Beieb2aa Healthy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Anonymous

    Abl ma a7oto kan sha3ry malmaso wa7sh wbayt3kd basor3a b3d ma 7ateto la2eto masahel 3alyya kol 7aga bggd maba2tsh at3b zy alawel feh sh3ry

  5. Sarah


  6. Mohamed zaghloul

    This recipe bgd 7elw gedan fra2 m3aya 3shan sh3ry kan byb2a mtbhdel mn l chlorine w kman l shams bs f3lan far2 w by5ly l sha3r helw w healthy

  7. mennalyheggy

    مش سهل انك تقنعي بنت عندها ٦ سنين ان شعرها مميز خصوصا لو شاطره اري في السباحه وبتحب. ال pool جدا
    وكنت بتضطر استخدم منتجات طبيعه زي زيت جوز الهند
    بس للاسف كان بيبوظ شعرها
    الswim proof recip ده منقذ فعلا
    اولا مش بيبهدل شعرها ومش بيضيع تعبي
    تانيا بيحافظ ع الشعر من كلور ال في ال pool
    ثالثا يطري شعرها واسهل كتير في الاستخدام

  8. Nadine hamdy

    Kan 2wal mara agrb l swim proof recipe l sef da w 72y2i ra7to tgnen da 8ar en sha3ry kan tary awi w defined gdan ♥

  9. Hoda Elkoussi

    With a lot of beach time and sweat I still have my curls looking great with the swim proof. Loving this product like nothing before. My hair doesn’t feel dry like it always dis on the beach. Thank you for keeping me and my curls happy

  10. Gihan (Yogabyjeje20)

    It is not my first time to order the spray ..I have been travelling between bali dubai egypt and everytime I ask friend to buy for me …this trip I order 3 days before I arrive and I was,so happy when I received the the kit before I step my feet home

    I swim full day between pool and sea and it
    Is making my hair even softer and smooth like I never swim

  11. Rania eltohamy

    It’s very good ,perfect saver for our hair through a whole day of swimming and sun

  12. Mai

    ده بجد بجد والله احلى احلى منتج لحمايه الشعر من ضرر البحر ومياه حمام السباحه بجد انا نزلت مره حمام السباحة وحطيته وشعرى فضل طرى ولااتاثر خاااص وغسلته بعد ٣ ساعات ولا كان فىً كلور واتاثر جربت مره تانيه انزل البحر من غيره شعرى نشف جداااااااا بصراحه ده منتج وهمى وهمى وهمى وحرمت انزل من غيره لان شعرى بيفضل طرى وكيرلى بتكون زى ماهى بجد جميييييييييل ♥️♥️♥️♥️ هنزل البحر وشعرى بردو هيفضل جمييييل ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. Farida walid

    I loved the product ! Very effective ❤️??

  14. Rodyna Maged

    It makes my hair so soft and add a shine to it even after i went to the beach actually it makes my hair less damage than I thought, I totally recommend it , I liked it so much bgad??

  15. Reyham

    It’s very very soft on my hair and it’s smell is amazing! ❤️

  16. Anonymous

    I am in love with this product to7fa bgd

  17. Nadia fathy

    I love this product very much
    It is very useful ❤️

  18. Mary romany

    Bgd el swimming proof 7lwa awe ..hia 7aga 3’ariba bs ana shoft el ingredients wla2etha ziot f est3mltha k serium b7to no2ta so3’ira 3la sh3ry msh 3la elroots w bgd bi2ll el haishan shwia w bi give shine kda ❤️

  19. Sarah Sherif

    Very effective for swimming practice

  20. Nelly wael

    I loved The Swim proof Recipe very much , Very effective for my kid’s hair , Her hair doesn’t feel dry like before it makes it less damage and protect it from chlorine than I thought, I totally recommend it ? I am in love with this product

  21. Youstina

    More than perfect
    بيحتفظ علي الشعر جدا

  22. Roaa elsherbiny

    Ana Sha3rryy Kan Byb2a nashef awyy men al ba7r w al mayet al pool bas Swim proof bt7my sha3ry mn kol dah w b3d ma8sl sha3ry byb2a healthy w moisturized???

  23. Nora Hanna

    I tried a couple of hair protectors for swimming and this one topped them all?
    Thanks guys for always working on making our life better and our hair shinier ??

  24. Mennatallah Magdi Badr

    I loved it, i can now swim without any fears to damage my hair , it protects hair but also give it a shiny and silky look after wash

  25. Maggie

    It’s a summer essential for me!
    ريحته حلوة جدا و فعلا اول مرة ارجع من السفر شعرى مش بايظ من الشمس والكلور


  26. Everna Samir Daniel

    It helps me alot during summer!
    Helw awy awyy bastakhdemo daiman ablmanzel el pool aw el ba7r w bgad tohfa bikhaly mafish ay frizz w el sha3r bifdal tary msh bit2asar mn el clorine wala el sea salt khales w bifdla shiny kda ❤️
    Highly recommend ??❤️

  27. Shahd

    The best protection product for my hair ❤️

  28. Mira Haddad

    استخدمته طول الصيف اللي فات كل يوم .. كان انقاذ لشعري
    و ريحته حلوة اوي و بيفضل علي الشعر بجد
    While swimming it is awesome
    انا نزلت اول يوم من غيره المياة و شعري كان طالع ناشف جدا

    And i ordered it again when i likes the first bottle ?

  29. Yasmine

    Best product ever the smile and protected my kids hair and mine to thnx alot ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Nardine ashraf

    حلو اوى اوى بيحمى الشعر من الكلور و البحر جدا و رحته حلوة اوى و بيرطب الشعر جدا

  31. Nardine ashraf

    حلو اوى اوى بيحمى الشعر جدا من الكلور و البحر و رحته حلوه اوى و بيرطب جدا الشعر

  32. Yara Shazly

    I loved it ?? great product ?it really protected my hair especially cause i ‘ve dyed hair? I recommend it for everyone and its smell is lovely ??

  33. alya.madkour

    My hair was always dry after swimming, this product is a miracle it blocks the chlorine and does not allow it to interfere in my hair. My hair is nourished after swimming

  34. Mariam Farah

    I am in love with its smell ? khateeeeeeeer protected my hair perfectly After swimming sha3ry bykon soft w mesh nashf 5als ..

  35. Nada

    المنتج مخلي شعر بنتي طري اكتر ومع زيادة وقت الاستخدام هيكون فعلا احسن
    مش محروق زيالاول وده مخليه مناسب لكل حد بيتمرن يوميا

  36. Heba

    One of the best products that saved my curls from the dryness of the sea salt and sun. It is light on the hair and keeps it moisturized. Highly recommended

  37. Lina


  38. hendabdallah

    amazing The best protection

  39. Nahla Amer

    Perfect product for shiny healthy look and a very good protector from sun and chlorine.. it also helped my hair after styling to keep it’s moisturizing in for a long time .. really thank you for every product

  40. Hayah abdelRahman

    الكلام في المنتج ده مش هيخلص والله انا كان عندي ازمه في هيشان شعر بنتي بعد ما تخرج من بحر او بسين بدقايق بيكون ناشف و صعب اوي و مكنتش متخيله انه هيكون تحفه كده
    شعرها اتغير تمام وبقت مبسوطه بشعرها اكتر م الاول بكتيير

  41. Jomana Hany

    The hair addict product is seriously one of the best products that I have used and this is not the first time I have dealt with them, but they are very nice and they have credibility and everything is beautiful. The product is very sweet and it smells nice and I like to use it because it keeps the hair from chlorine in a fake way

  42. Rola Mansour

    It saves me while swimming and makes my hair soft and shiny and frizz free ?

  43. Mira Haddad

    I use it since last year
    It is awesome before and after swimming keeps the hair shinny and not dry even after swimming

  44. Sabah Ghsbrial

    Protect good the hair

  45. Samah Ward

    This Product saved my family’s hair during (for 20 days) it leaves the hair shiny and moistured for a long time

  46. Eman Ali

    الزيت حلو اوي بيحافظ علي الشعر و بيخليه مينشفش اوي من كتر نزول البيسين و البحر

  47. Habiba

    So good it kept my hair soft after vacation and it’s is really big it will stay a lot with you

  48. Salma mourad

    This product is excellent specially with kids that play water sports.. it changed the hair to a soft and smooth texture.. my only problem is the glass bottle.. it fell and broke after 2 weeks of getting it.. i recommend that u do another packaging as this fragile bottle is not good while using around pools and beaches.
    Maybe a plastic one would be better.please let me know if there is a good reason why its a glass spray bottle

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