The Slip & Glide Brush

EGP 350

Detangle knots painlessly & without breakage!

Flexible detangling hair brush 

Innovatively designed with a flexible curved shape and long no-knot bristles for easily detangling hair with no split ends, breakage, or pain!

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The perfect detangling brush for painless detangling with no breakage or split ends.

Detangle away with the Slip & Glide Brush! Innovatively designed with a flexible curved shape and thin bristles, this brush glides through your hair gently and untangles all knots with no catch or drag. This results in effortless and painless detangling, leaving you with smooth and healthy hair that’s free of split-ends and breakage. Perfect for natural and curly hair.

How it works:

  1. Flexible brush bristles: Ensures no catch or drag for less pain, less damage.
  2. Long “No-Knot” Bristles: FOr perfect slip that flows through the toughest of knots and all hair textures no matter how thick.
  3. Flexible & Geometric Design: For comfortable use on your scalp & ensures no catch or drag for less pain & tangles.
  4. Mesh Massage Comb: hollow-out structure that works well with damp or wet hair and optimizes hairstyling
  5. Ergonomic Handle: Sturdy and durable handle for easy grip

How to use:

Add your favorite products and section hair.Then detangle each section separately from your ends to your scalp.