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Kids Ultimate Definition Kit

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Your guide to perfectly defined curls for your kid

Bubble Trouble Leave-in Conditioner 500ml + Frizz Off Towel (M) + Definition Brush

Our Kids ultimate definition kit is the perfect product assortment to moisturize, define, and style your kid’s curls.

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All-in-one: hydration, definition, and styling!

Hydrate their hair with our Bubble Trouble leave in, define those curls with the Definition Bush, and dry or plop with our infamous Frizz Off Towel. The Kids Ultimate Definition kit is all you need to achieve perfectly moisturized and defined curls for your kid.

This kit contains:

  • Bubble Trouble Leave-in Conditioner 500ml
  • Frizz Off Towel Medium
  • Definition Brush


How it works:

  • Bubble Trouble Leave-in Conditioner is a hydrating styling product for frizz-free hair with naturally derived and safe ingredients that would supply perfect moisture and provide great styling, definition, and shine, thus achieving naturally beautiful and frizz-free hair.
  • Frizz Off Towel is the perfect towel turban made of the softest microfiber blend! It is designed to dry hair 2x faster than regular cotton towels without any of the friction-induced damage.
  • The Definition Brush is the perfect brush to style your hair, control frizz, and sculpt those flawless curls! It is made up of nine adjustable rows of round-ended nylon bristles and an anti-static rubber pad to ensure perfect definition

Ingredients of each product can be found on their labels.

How to use:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount of Bubble Trouble Leave-in to dripping wet hair and thoroughly distribute it with your fingers or the Definition Brush.
  2. Using the Definition Brush, brush each section, gently twisting towards the ends and then shake it off.
    1. For tighter, smaller clumps: Keep all 9 rows of the brush and use it on smaller strands.
    2. For bigger clumps: Remove more rows and use it on bigger hair strands.
    3. For extra defined curls: scrunch your hair upwards and dry using our Frizz Off Towel, then leave hair to air dry.


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