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Bubble Trouble Leave in Conditioner

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Kids leave-in conditioner for lusciously defined frizz-free hair

Moringa + Panthenol + Avocado

The Bubble Trouble Leave-in Conditioner is the ultimate frizz control formula that promises perfect moisture and provides great styling, definition, and shine.

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The perfect kids leave in conditioner for frizz control and styling

The Bubble Trouble Leave-in Conditioner is a hydrating styling product for frizz-free hair dedicated by our founder to her beautiful twins with a mission of teaching them self-love by embracing and loving their natural hair. She sought to provide parents with naturally derived and safe ingredients that would supply perfect moisture and provide great styling and shine, thus achieving naturally beautiful and frizz-free hair.

* Use complementary Bubble Trouble products for the best results.


Leave in Benefits:

  • Eases combing and styling your kids’ hair and defining their curls.
  • Eliminates frizz and reduces static while keeping the hair hydrated thanks to its cationic ingredients.
  • Enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), moringa, and avocado oil to keep your kids’ hair moisturized, nourished, and manageable.
  • Detangles the hair easily with no effort.
  • Moisturizes the hair deeply without building up or weighing their hair down.
  • Suitable for all hair types, porosity, and textures, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.
  • It’s free from silicones, sulfates, paraffin, parabens, colorants, phthalates, and drying alcohols.


How to Use Leave in:

  1. Apply a sufficient amount to dripping wet hair and thoroughly distribute it.
  2. Style with your method of choice and dry using a microfiber towel to absorb excess water and product.
  3. Do not rinse off.



Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Cetyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Isopropyl Myristate, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Polyquaternium-7, Glycerin, Panthenol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Tocopherol, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, Butylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance, Benzyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid

Weight غير محدد
Size 250 ml , 500 ml


The Hair Addict

126 reviews for Bubble Trouble Leave in Conditioner

  1. Mariam Farah

    I am in love with the whole kit specially the Leave-in ? .. it is very moisturizing , made my hair more defined and shinny , I’m satisfied with the result ? highly recommended ?

  2. Mariam Farah

    it is very moisturizing , made my hair more defined and shinny , I’m in love and satisfied with the result ? highly recommended ?

  3. Mayada moneer

    It started using the kit for my kids for 2 month . The leave in is amazing in detangling my kid her ,good smell
    And 20 % less freeze than before use
    Totally recommend
    And it really worked with my hair which extremely damaged by treatment

  4. Marian raafat

    ???حلو جدا بجد
    و اكتر حاجة نفعت مع شعري بعد ما جربت كتير .. مبقاش خلاص هايش زي زمان ..و ريحته تحفة .. بستعمله لابني برضه بس اكيد انا اكتر ?

  5. Tina

    Helw awy awy bgdd sha3ry kan byhesh gamd bs now laa khaalss gaamdd bytary l sha3r awyy w mkhleh fluffy kdaa w defined ?❤️❤️❤️

  6. Tinaa

    Helw awy awy bgdd touhfaa bytary l sha3r awyy w bykhleh fluffy kda w defined ?♥️♥️♥️

  7. Monica Magdi

    Al product to7faaa bgd awl mra ast5dm 7aga t5ale sha3re msh haesh w tare w shaklo 7lw ???❤️❤️

  8. Assmaa

    A7laaa leave in gbto bgd

  9. mai

    very moisturizing ?

  10. Karma Amr

    I am in love with this product ❤️❤️
    It is very Good for hair styling and also It keeps my Hair moisturized and defined
    The best so far ❤️❤️

  11. Reem

    حلو جدا ❤️
    اكتر حاجه نفعت مع شعر بنتي خفيف اوي عالشعر ومفعوله رائع في التسليك وفي أنه يفضل شكله كيرلي وحلو وقت طويل

  12. Marwa Elbehery

    Amazing..and I recommend it to everyone

  13. Tamara walid

    Tohfaaa i love it
    بيحلي الشعر طري و بيلمع وريحته تحفه

  14. Nehal malek

    حلو جدا وبيطري الشعر وريحته تحفة
    بس فيه مشكلة رخمة جدا وهو انه مجرد ما الشعر يتساب ويلمس الوش او الرقبه او الضهر، حتى لو ناشف بيطلع حبوب بشعة وبيعمل حساسية

  15. Gihan

    Makes my hair looks amazing w el curls defined bashakl raheb♥️

  16. Mennatullah Mohamed

    اكتر ليف ان عمل كيرلي لشعري وكمان مش ناشف نهائي والكيرلز بتفضل كذا يوم احد لما اغسل شعري تاني بجد مبهوره بسه حقيقي ?

  17. Mayada moneer

    Amazing product less freeze
    easy styling
    Silky texture to every hair strand
    Totally recommend this leavein

  18. Margarit

    it’s very lovely ! ?Very light, smells amazing and it’s effect is magical ?
    Thank u so much
    I used it
    For my daughter, i can see the difference and it’s effect fe3lan

  19. Raghda El-Rayes

    I love this leave in and the whole set (shampoo & conditioner) it keeps my hair and my daughter’s hair moisturized and look good..

    Recommended ❤️

  20. Pardise Essam

    ١- leave in “bubble trouble” احلى ليف ان استخدمته في حياتي فعلا مش كلام بيطري شعري جدا بيخليه بيلمع مفيش هيشان خالص الكرلز بتقعد ايام اكتر و مترطبه جدا و متحدده حلو عشان كدة كل ما يخلص هجيبه تاني ?

  21. sherry awad

    I really loved it.. It’s so moisturizing.. Leaves the hair shiny… And the curls defined.. It’s not so strong on my hair.. And my curls remain moisturized for about 5 days.. I really recommend it…

  22. Norhan ahmed

    Bubble trouble leave in
    I love it ❤️ it’s so moisturising and I recommend it ❤️ makes hair looks gorgeous ?

  23. Maria emad

    The bubble trouble leave in is amazing . Gives you defined curls, good volume . It’s also has beautiful smell ♥️♥️

  24. Viola samy

    حقيقي ال leave in تحفه وبيطري الشعر جدا وبيخلي الميرلز ثابته كمان ومش هايشه

  25. Radwa

    I really love it,
    It makes the hair moisturized and shiny,
    I like it’s smell and it’s Smooth texture on the hair.

  26. Salma

    The leave in is imported product quality with local product price. While it’s light weight, it has the hydration power of a heavyweight product, my curls stay hydrated for more time. It has decent hold but I need gel with it. The smell is a fun kids smell, not too strong. Overall i love love love it.

  27. Rowina

    It is amazing for dry hair

  28. Youstina

    اول مره استخدمه ومش اخر مره
    فعلا بيمنع الهيشان
    بنصح بيه اي حد عايز يوقف المكوه فتره

  29. Youstina

    اول مره استخدمه ومش اخر مره
    فعلا بيمنع الهيشان
    بنصح بيه اي حد عايز يمنع الحراره والسخونيه فتره

  30. Heba S

    The leave in is amazing . My hair is now softer . I have curly hair and when i like to pull it up as pony tail or bun , i have noticed it left my hair soft including the split end of my hair . As with my curls , i still need to add curling cream or flax seed to keep the curls . And btw it is not heavy or greasy at all . It is so light . Really wonderful for me and my kid who has straight hair .

  31. Tia Karam

    من احلي و اجمل لليف ان الي استخدمتها و مش بيهبط الشعر خالص و الكيرلز بتكون defind اوي و جميلة و ف فوليم للشعر ♥️
    برشحة اكل الناس بجد اطفال و كبار

  32. Hagar khatab

    استخدمت كذا نوع leave in
    لكن ده بجد مختلف تماما خفيف جدا على شعري ومخليه طري اكتر والكيرلز محددة وشكلها حلو
    I’m in love ❤️

  33. Riham

    حسن كتير من ترطيب شعري و قلل الهيشان و الشعر المتطاير مقارنة بشكل شعري في الصيف قبل كدة
    العطر فيه جميل و مناسب للأطفال
    اتمنى منتجاتكم تفضل خالية من السيليكون, الزيت المعدني و البروتين
    و شكرا لكتابة المكونات كاملة على العبوة

  34. Anonymous

    It’s really very good product

  35. Anonymous

    Very nice keep going

  36. Rowina

    Very nice ?

  37. Hadeer raafat

    Bubble trouble products are amazing, it defines the curls and moisturized my kids hair in a significant way that non of all the imported branda that i used did before

  38. Rania reda

    I tried the leave in conditioner for my kids they both have curly hair it makes their hair so soft and easy to brush without detanglinguu and makes it shiny and looks so healthy

  39. Sawsan gaballah

    تحفة بجد فرق في شعر بنتي اوي ❤️❤️?

  40. Martina Karam

    من احلي الليف ان الي استخدمتها ف حياتي بيخلي الكيرلز ديفايند و الشعر ف فوليوم و بيلمع اوي و يجنن
    و فعلا بينفع مع كل انواع الشعر
    استخدمتة لكذا كلاينت و النتيجة تجنن♥️

  41. Mennatullah Mohamed

    The best leave in seriously it beyond amazing with my hair ?

  42. Carole Emad

    I love how the bubble trouble leave in is not heavy on my hair like the other brands. which makes me use it freely without worrying it may affect my hair on the long run. to7faa to7faa to7faaa!

  43. Mona Hisham

    i loved it..its not so heavy on hair yet gives great definition

  44. Shaimaa Madkour

    The leave-in conditioner is Very hydrating, and it smoothes my hair softly.

  45. Aly Hegazy

    I guess it’s not only for kids! It worked really good for my hair. I Highly recommend it!

  46. Engy Kamal

    It softened my hair and gave it a beautiful bouncy curls effect, it’s also nongreasy.

  47. Christine Habib

    Amazing product, light, not sticky, smells great, moisturize and reduce frizz

  48. Christine Habib

    Buying it for the forth time

  49. Pakinam Elsalawy

    I do recommend this product .very good with my kids and my hair too ..♥️♥️♥️

  50. Noha

    Can I use for 1 year baby?

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