What are the ingredients?

  • It’s composed of Aloe Vera gel, vitamin E, Ylang Ylang essential oil, castor oil, coconut oil, Orange extract and Peppermint oil.

The continuous heating of the bottle itself everytime is not harmful?

  • The continuous heating and cooling of the bottle can change the qualities of the material with time. However, considering the size of the bottle and the generous amount you are going to apply in each application one time or even twice a week, the bottle would be finished before this happens. We have tested this with several samples before use.

Can I put it daily on some areas of my hair?* Or *Can I use it daily?

  • It can be used as often as you wash your hair. Just apply it on a clean scalp for 2-3 hours before shampoo. It is advised to apply it on the entire scalp though not on some areas.

Is there a problem to leave it on my scalp overnight?

  • You can leave it overnight. The formula is more watery in texture than oily, and so it will be light on your scalp. On top, it’s absorption level is very high.

Do i need to apply any heat while I’m wearing it?

  • You don’t have to apply indirect heat . Applying indirect heat helps your scalp to absorb the recipe better, however, the texture of this recipe is light not heavy so it will be absorbed easily without the need of indirect heat. However, if you apply any kind of indirect heat it won’t harm.

Do i have to apply it on clean dry hair or non-washed hair? before shower or after shower?

  • Clean your scalp by washing it with warm water only before applying the recipe. After, the duration of applying the recipe is over, you can use the usual no poo then the conditioner.

How do I use it .. like before a wash or after and how long do I leave it in?

  • You should  clean your scalp with warm water only, then you apply the recipe and leave it for 2 – 3 hours as a pre shampoo mask. Don’t forget to apply the recipe on your scalp only.
  • Massage your scalp very well with an inverted head method if possible, then you can wash your hair using your regular no poo

How to heat the bottle exactly?

  • Use a warm water bath; this means putting the oil bottle in warm water in a container. The container shouldn’t be placed on a stove for safety reasons and also to avoid ruining the bottle.
  •  Leave the bottle for just for a few minutes till its contents become liquid then use it.
    You just put a hot water, not boiling water, in a container they put the bottle inside the container that contain the hot water. Leave it for just few minutes till its content become liquid then use it.

How many times should I use this recipe?

  • The recipe should be used 2-3 times a week.  Please note consistency is important to deliver results.

Is it true that the recipe is valid for 6 months only?

  • Yes, as it’s 100% natural.

Can I use this product for my daughter’s hair she is 7 years?* Or *Can I use this recipe for kids?

  • It is totally safe for kids as it is 100% natural.
    However, because kids have sensitive skin , and can  sometimes get allergic reactions, it wouldn’t hurt to test the product on a small part of their skin. If all is ok, then apply on them.

Is the aloe Vera a real gel from the plant or a gel-like fluid ? Or what’s its origin?

  • Aloe Vera is extracted yes from the plant, and the vitamin E from Grape Seed Oil

What’s inverted massage?

  • Sit in a chair and look down as if you are applying nail polish and then start massaging your scalp with your fingertips for 3-5 minutes..

As the recipe is applied to the scalp only, can I use something else for my hair ends?

  • The recipe is for the scalp only to enhance hair growth, however, some people tried it for their hair and it worked for them.

Is it safe to be used for eyebrows or lashes?

  • Eyebrows yes but too thick for lashes.

Since the weather is cold nowadays can it be left out of the refrigerator?

  • Yes but in this case we won’t know exactly the shelf life . It could be shorter than what’s stated on the bottle, which is 6 months. By how much, we wouldn’t know.

I use ogx products (or any other brand), like roots boost and oil mist with biotin, is it ok to use it with HA product?

  • We aren’t aware of the characteristics of ogx products to advise regarding this product. On top, it is advisable to try one new product at a time to see the impact.

Why is the recipe is so watery?

  • This is due to the formula which is dominated by raw aloe vera gel that has viscosity that’s lighter by water. It’s an advantage of this recipe to avoid the usual heavy texture.  But please make sure to shake the bottle very very well after the warm bath and before applying it.

As of when will I start seeing the results?

  • The soonest is after 1 full hair cycle, which is 3 months. However, you have to apply it at least once per week.. eat well, try to avoid stress , etc…..

Is it made in India?

  • No, It is made in Egypt, however, inspired by The Indian hair care practices.

Is it suitable for all hair types?

  • Yes, as it is to be applied on scalp only and doesn’t affect texture.

Would it affect the color of my hair as it contains orange extract?

  • No, as it is to be applied on scalp only and doesn’t affect color.

Is it suitable oily scalp?

  • Yes, one of the main ingredients is recommended to use to heal oily scalp.

What is the difference between the old and new Indian recipe?

  • The new Indian recipe has an advanced formula enhanced with both peppermint oil and orange extract. On top of the stronger growth properties this formula has, it has a super nice smell and a longer shelf life.

When does it expire?

  • After 6 months from production date.

What are the benefits of the peppermint oil?

  • Peppermint essential oil improves blood circulation in the scalp which gives a mega boost to  hair growth.

What are the benefits of the orange extract?

  • It is a necessary mineral for hair growth and also a great source of vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant. It eliminates free radical damage which can block growth and also creates collagen — which is an important part of hair structure.

Did you add chemicals to the formula to elongate its shelf life?

  • The formula is 100% natural with no chemicals; Enhancing the formulation with more natural ingredients enabled us to achieve that.

What are the available sizes of the Indian recipe?

  • 125 ml and 250 ml

Why did you increase The Indian Recipe price?

  • The new Indian recipe is an advanced formula with longer shelf life and extra ingredients which give a mega boost to hair growth. However, we made a smaller more economic size (125 ml) for 250 EGP.

What does it smell like?

  • The advanced formula of The Indian Recipe smells like peppermind oil.