What is this?

  • A square flat comb with long teeth used to create extra voluminous frizz-free curls.

How can I use it?

  • After styling, make sure that your hair is 100% dry.
  • Flip your hair forward and get the pick as close to the scalp as possible, start pulling your hair forward from the back of your head to the sides and front.
  • Repeat gently until you reach your desired volume.
  • For maximum volume, use the hair pick after drying your hair using our collapsible diffuser.

What is it made of?

  • It’s made of plastic.

How does it differ from the metal hair pick?

  • Plastic picks are far more gentle on both the hair and scalp and more versatile than their metal counterparts. On top, metal picks can induce hair breakage.

Can I use it with straight hair?

  • No, It works more efficiently with curly and wavy hair.

How does it differ from regular combs?

  • Hair picks have longer thinner teeth to get as close as possible to the hair roots to eliminate frizz and get as much volume as possible.

What are its dimensions?

  • 16.2cm length* 6.5cm width.

Are they available in different sizes?

  • No, It’s available in only one size “16.2cm length* 6.5cm width”.

Can I detangle my dry curly hair with it?

  • No, it’s not a detangling brush for dry hair. However, it’s perfect for applying leave-ins and deep conditioners to dripping wet hair.

Can I use it on a curly wig?

  • Of course, however, try to pick it more gently to avoid cutting the wig lace.

How can I wash it?

  • You can always wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Is this comb good for applying products, such as deep conditioners, to thick and long hair?

  • Yes, it’s perfect for applying leave-ins and deep conditioners.