Detox Your Scalp to Prevent Hair Loss

To all hair loss sufferers, detox your scalp and unclog those pores. The chemical residuals of all the hair products that we are using, dirt, and pollution get accumulated on the scalp and can clog hair follicles. This can lead to dull, greasy hair, shiny scalp, and/or slowing hair growth.

Detoxing your scalp will revive it through removing all these toxins, unclogging your hair follicles, and facilitating adequate sebum production (natural hair oils). Sounds good? Here is how it works: 
1- Our famous inverted head massage: as we shared before, it helps remove toxins, and dead skin cells so that the hair grows out in no time. Using oil while doing that will always be a plus.
2- Combing: this is similar to the head massage as it will help you get rid of any dirt/residuals clogging the hair follicles. It is preferred to use a wide wooden comb and do it while the hair is dry.
3- Clay mask for the scalp: it will absorb the impurities from your scalp and renew its skin via nourishing it with trace minerals and many vitamins. 
4- Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: this can help remove any chemical build up on your scalp without stripping down its natural oils (and an extra bonus would be making your hair very shiny, getting rid of dandruff, and itchy scalp).

5- A clarifying Shampoo (the type that doesn’t contain a conditioner substance): will wash away any residuals that collect on the scalp and clog follicles. It will also remove built-up oils from scalp and hair. 
6- Avoid blow drying and heat styling. 
As soon as your pores become clear they are immediately provided with a sudden abundance of blood flow, cell, and YES hair growth :-).

Comment below if you have tried any of these methods.