“Curly Girl: It’s more than just hair, it’s an attitude.” These words were uttered by the curly queen Lorraine Massey, creator of the Curly Girl method. While staying in London, Lorraine was often ridiculed for her curly hair. However, after moving to New York, she discovered the vast acceptance of the concept, encountering lots of women of different ethnicities with hair like hers. After that, she then embarked on a journey to embrace her natural hair.
She published the first CG handbook in 2001, teaching girls and women how to accept their curls, and how to care for them. 
You may ask what the main objective for this handbook is?  Simple; to achieve defined, moisturized frizz-free curls by using the gentlest products there are.
This method implies:

 1- the use of conditioners to cleanse the hair “co-washing” and avoiding shampoos with harsh sulfates/surfactants. 
2-It also encourages against the usage of styling products and conditioners which contain water-insoluble silicones that cause build-up, which in turn weighs down the curls.

3- Alcohols and mineral oils should also be avoided because of their tendency to dry out the hair.

4- Eliminate heat-styling completely to avoid hair damage.

 5-The usage of combs and brushes is also to be minimized and preferably avoided, however, a wide tooth comb could be used during conditioning if needed.   

Stay tuned for upcoming posts where we will publish and explain a lot about ingredients that are suitable for the curly girly method and the ingredients that should be avoided.

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