In addition to constantly creating a tired look even after a good night sleep, dark circles have the ability to instantly add years to our age. Despite the common belief, dark circles are rarely caused by the pigmentation of the skin. This is why whitening creams rarely give the desired improvement. In fact, dark circles are often the result of having a very thin skin beneath our eyes, which makes it reflect the color of the blood vessels underneath more.

Therefore, if you want to start working on your stubborn dark circles, you need to:
1- Make sure that your skin is adequately hydrated via drinking enough water (the average is 2.5 to 3 Litres per day). This will get the blood flowing through your blood vessels. An extra bonus would be to have more plump looking skin. 

2- Another tip is to use boiled green tea bags after refrigerating them for a while.
The coldness together with the caffeine will cause vasoconstriction of the blood vessels making the dark circles less apparent.

3- You can also try massaging the area under your eyes gently in an outwards direction. While applying your moisturizing eye cream, you will observe a dramatic effect on your eye bags which will make the dark circles less noticeable. 

So why don’t you give these simple tips a try and share your results with us?