About Us


The Hair Addict is a natural hair platform that aims to challenge all societal norms around naturally textured hair and encourages women to understand that they are worthy of the time needed to care for their hair in a healthy, sustainable way via using natural remedies, organic or low chemicals products, eating healthily, and working out.
We provide daily tips & tricks as well as natural products/ tools to help care for your hair naturally.



The Hair Addict started as a closed group on Facebook in March 2016 with the vision of promoting self-love. The platform aims to challenge societal norms by encouraging women to invest more time in self-care and embrace their
natural beauty. Happily, the Hair Addict sparked a hair revolution in 2016, challenging all societal norms and redefining beauty standards, motivating and empowering thousands of women to STAND THEIR NATURAL GROUND by unplugging straighteners, wands, and curlers once and for all and embracing their naturally textured hair by taking The HEAT FREE CHALLENGE!

We are proud of slowly but surely ending the stigma around natural hair by providing women with all the needed tools in terms of knowledge, support, hair products, and tools, to successfully transition to natural hair and loving themselves as they are.


Our community currently has approximately 370k followers across our social media platforms, with an unprecedented engagement of more than 98%. From the social movement aspect, the community has been featured in over 35 international media outlets and is deemed a dramatic social movement aimed at reforming the beauty standards in Africa and The Middle East with women going heat-free, embracing their natural curls and carrying themselves with confidence, resulting in social taboos related to hair being eliminated. The Hair Addict has now evolved into one of the fastest-growing natural hair products’ suppliers in Egypt and hopefully soon in UAE and wider GCC.